Root!tR Heat Mats

The ROOT!T Heat Mats direct essential heat to the engine room of seeds and cuttings - the roots - and can cut several days off the time it usually takes to germinate seeds and strike cuttings
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Sorry, this product is no longer available.

The ROOT!T Heat Mats direct essential heat to the engine room of seeds and cuttings - the roots - and can cut several days off the time it usually takes to germinate seeds and strike cuttings.

The mats are available in a large size, are real quality and once plugged into the mains (via a 1.8m long power lead) will raise the ambient temperature at the base of seed trays or pots by between 5.5 and 11°C, the seedling equivalent of warming your feet in front of a blazing log fire! Waterproof, fray proof and extremely durable, the mats can be used in conjunction with a thermostat for degree accurate growing and can simply be placed on greenhouse staging or a table - but providing an insulated surface beneath (eg polystyrene) and covering any seed trays with lids will further improve results.

ROOT!T Heat Mats offer uniform heating and avoid hot spots with their intricate pattern of fine wire; you'll find instructions printed on the mat so they can never be lost and there's a size to suit every growing situation - the large mat measures 40cm x 120cm and will accommodate four seed trays.

  • ROOT!T Heat Mats available in large size only
  • Large measures 40cm x 120cm
  • Large will acommodate 4 standard seed trays
  • Ideal propagation aid
  • Clean, simple and easy to use
  • Just wipe clean and roll up when not in use
  • Provides invaluable bottom heat to seed trays
  • Encourages seeds to germinate and cuttings to strike
  • Cuts days off usual germination times
  • ROOT!T Heat Mats are manufactured to the highest standards
  • Water and fray proof
  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Tight labyrinth of fine heating elements gives uniform heat distribution and eliminates hot spots
  • Instructions printed on mat so can never be misplaced
  • Germination guide also displayed on mat surface
  • Simply plug into mains to operate
  • 1.8m long power cable
  • Will raise ambient temperature by between 5.5 and 11°C
  • Use with a thermostat (not supplied) for even more accurate temperature control
  • Lay directly on greenhouse staging or conservatory table
  • Place on insulated base (eg. polystyrene) for drastically improved heating performance
  • Cover seed trays with lid or polythene to raise humidity and lower germination times
  • Ideal for early season and advanced germination
  • Especially useful for vegetable gardeners
  • Use with the ROOT!T Grow Light System to provide cuttings with both light and heat

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Root It Heat Mat review - Large By Anonymous 4 29th February 2012

The productt came fully assembled, so it was easy just to role out the mat and plug in. However, it would be good if the manufacturers also sold polystyrene mats to go underneath - as the packaging indicates that this aids efficiency. I had to go to a local builders merchant and buy some insulation (a huge piece which I had to cut to size). Overall, very pleased.

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Grow Your OwnFebruary 2016

Smart Gardening

If you're looking to sow seeds early then the Root!t heat mat is a great solution. Just plug this product into a mains socket and let your plants enjoy raised temperatures of 5-11 degrees C.

Garden News 1st January 20132013-01-09

Tried and Tested small propagators

Quality***** Extremely good quality and very flat, so the base of the propagator is in good contact. The printed instructions are very useful. Performance***** Good uniform heating all over. Maximum temperature reached 23C (73F) Usability*** Being a separate heating mat, it is versatile and can be used with any non-heated propagator of the same size. For good heat transfer, it pays to lay it on insulating material; I used polystyrene sheeting.

Number of Articles: 2
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