Roof Netting for Fruit Cage

Hi Harrod


I need top strong netting for a cage 11’ and 11’ plus enough for overhang. Please advise cost etc


Hugh Prudden

Dear Mr Prudden

Thank you for your recent enquiry with Harrod Horticultural.


We understand that you would like to purchase some netting for a roof of a cage measuring 11’ x 11’


We would recommend using our 20mm mesh Anti Bird Netting (product code GDN-026) to cover the roof or your cage. A piece of net measuring 4m x 4m would have enough to overhang the sides of your cage and be priced at £13.60. We would recommend using our S shaped Net Clips (product code GDN-902)
to attach the roof net to the side net, these are priced at 95p per pack often.


We can send a sample of netting on request.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards

Andrew Ferguson

Customer Services