Red Spots on Raspberry Leaves

Dear Harrod

Hi there today down the allotment my next plot neighbour asked me if I new what was on the leaves of her raspberries, it has lots of red spots.  Her row runs adjacent to mine where there are no spots on mine.

Can you tell with my short explanation what this is and if its likely to pass
on to my row?


Dear Willie

The one thing that springs to mind when you say red spots on Raspberry leaves is Anthracnose, its a fungal pathogen. It also attacks other parts of the plant later in the year when summer spores erupt.

You may find then that yours acquire the problem, but being grown so close to your neighbours and not showing any signs of attack yet it may well be that you have a resistant variety of which there are ones available.


Many thanks for your query, and hope this helps.


Kindest Regards

Gavin Hatt

Pest Control Expert

Harrod Horticultural