Red mites in my chicken coop

Dear Julian

I need some advice on red mites.  I have a chicken coop which is approx .800x1.400mm in size ,I have had a spider mite control program over two week interval but I am now crawling from top to bottom with them

I have not cleaned the coop for four weeks before hand and the three weeks when the spider mite control was here.  It has been another three weeks after mites have arrived which now has been along time with no affect to reducing them .  Have you any other ways of reducing their numbers?
I have all ready had to burn one coop and would rather keep this one as it is well built.

many thanks

Andrew Peck

Dear Andrew

I regret to tell you that the red mite in Poultry is not the same pest as red spider mite on plants. It is a different pest entirely and the spider mite predators will not have fed on it. You need to use a product for red mite control, which there are plenty on the market. Some use Pyrethrum but the product Harrod Horticultural sell is not permitted for this use. If you try a pet shop or outlet selling poultry products like coops etc, they often carry products for controlling red mite on chickens. I know hygiene is also important in the control of this pest by cleaning the chicken coops regularly.

I hope this is of some help.

Regards Julian