Raspberry Planting

Dear Martin

I was wondering If you could help me ? I've searched high and low all over the Internet with no luck !

I have just received 12 raspberry canes through the post but due to the weather their will be a delay in planting What should I do with them ?

Also it says on the nurseries web site they will be despatched at ideal planting time - is end NOV / DEC the ideal planting time or will they simply rot in the wet/ snow
I was expecting them In spring -giving me the chance to put supports / cages up.

Please can you give any advice on this ???

Many thanks

Dear Carl

Many thanks for your recent raspberry-related enquiry. We’re actually in the prime planting time for bare rooted canes right now (late autumn/early winter) but that’s dependant on the soil being workable ie. not frozen or waterlogged.

Planting in these conditions is likely to damage and even kill off the canes so I’d advise you to pot up the plants into black plastic 10 litre pots or similar and leave them in a cold frame, unheated greenhouse or even outside until you are ready to transplant in late winter or early spring.   
This delay in planting is very unlikely to harm of affect the canes at all and is far more sensible than trying to plant when soil conditions are against you – this IS likely to damage the canes!
I hope this information answers your questions but if there’s anything else you’d like to know then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry and the best of luck with your cane fruit project.