Raised Beds Steel Retro

This retro steel raised bed is powder coated in cream and would be a stylish addition to any garden. An attractive and simple way to grow your own vegetables.

Customer Reviews

Mr Bogard, West Sussex

"The first photo shows winter veg coming along nicely in Retro Steel Raised Bed. In the second and third photo we have used the retro raised steel bed (alongside hanging baskets and a vertical salad garden I made using some old pallets) to make the most of this corner of our small garden and grow lots of our own fruit and vegetables. Inside the raised bed we've got carrots, leeks, potatoes, onions and courgettes on the way!"

Mrs Kenyon, Nottinghamshire

"First year of use-love them."

Mr Glossop, Dorset

"I attach a photo of our FOUR retro steel raised beds - all in good growing condition!" 

Mrs Garbett, Gloucestershire

"Very pleased with these. They have made a sunny terrace attractive and productive and it means I have a place to grow veg without the deer eating everything!" 


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