Raised Bed Liners

Dear Harrod

I’ve just ordered a raised bed, 12 in deep, which I intend to position on the lawn.  Is it best to use a liner or not?

The information on the website says it will stop weeds coming through but surely it will also stop water draining and coming up from the soil underneath?  I don’t know whether to use one or not.

Our soil is heavy clay.

Vivien Law

Dear Vivien

Raised beds will dry out fairly quickly which is why we recommend a liner to help retain the moisture.  If you are on clay, this would certainly also help prevent your raised bed drying out.

The liner will also help protect the wood in your raised bed from constant contact with damp soil, helping to extend its life further still.  I always line raised beds for this reason.

I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you require any further information.

Kindest Regards


Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener