Rabbit problems in the Garden

Dear Martin

We have a rabbit problem in our garden, last year was the first of 31 years at living here that we saw them,there can be as many as 8 during the evening & 1-2 any time in the day ,they are very tame. Pigeons are also a nuisance how will Graziers Rabbit repair help ? and is it harmful near edible veg, on grass & borders


Dear Jane

Many thanks for your enquiry regarding the Grazers Rabbit Repair Kit. This product is a growth stimulant which is sprayed onto damaged plants to quickly repair any damage and to harden off the shoots that are so attractive to rabbits - it is not a deterrent as such The main ingredient is calcium chloride and it is perfectly safe to apply to all plants, from decorative shrubs to fruit and vegetables you intend to consume, and will not harm any grass verges it comes into contact with; indeed, you may have to cut them more regularly as the growth will be lusher.

In regard to the pigeons, we recommend one of our vegetable cages which come complete with anti-bird netting, small enough to prevent any bird from entering. These can be viewed  on the website.

Hopefully this information will prove to be of help and if there are any further questions or queries you may have please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry