Problem on Chilli Plants

Dear Gavin

Attached photos:

Pods from two Joe's Long chilli plants.
Plants, pods are from, left and right plants.

Chilli Plants1Chilli Plants2


Yellow at point where pod joins stem.
Yellow at pod tip and dark and soft further up the pod.
Some yellowing on the the plant's lower leaves, a bit higher up the plant than normal.

General Information:

Plants are in a conservatory.
No heating so tend to close vents to trickle position in the evening to retain
heat, run a fan during daytime to maintain air movement, fan is not used at night.
The problem pods were on the side you see in the photo where air movement should be good facing the fan.
The pods were low on the plants so two of the older ones.
Separate pots but sharing a common reservoir, (Greenhouse Sensation Chilligrow Chilli Planter)
Plant reservoir is kept topped up with a suitable feed solution.
Plants are generally growing and producing well.
Inspect daily,  remove dead material, hand pollinate and give a light
morning spray of water.
No noticeable insect activity during daily checks.
No visible insects found inside the pod.

Did have sciarid fly problems a few weeks back but was stopped with sticky traps and sand on the pots  plus a very handy vacuum cleaner!).

A few aphids have been spotted and destroyed but nothing other than 2 or 3 at a time.

No signs of fungus or other problems on the stem or leaves.

Any advice you can supply would be appreciated.

Paul Newnham 

Dear Paul

I've had this problem in the past when growing chillies of my own. Its natural for older leaves nearer the base of the stem to yellow but I've found that moving the plants to larger pots to prevent the roots becoming pot bound, reduce watering and also less feed (feed once every 2-3 weeks) prevented the stalks on the fruits yellowing and eventually dropping off.

Also by allowing the pots to dry now and then naturally reduces sciarid fly infestations as the larvae flourish in a continually damp environment.


Hope this helps, but if it continues please do get in touch again.

Best regards,

Gavin Hatt

Pest Expert

Harrod Horticultural