Potatoes disintegrating!

Dear Lynn

Why do some potatoes break up when being boiled or boil in to the water? This has happened with my Home Guard (1st early) and Maris Peer (2nd early) potatoes.  Is it because we have had so much rain or is it something else?

Many thanks,


Dear Gordon

It is most certainly the poor growing season we are having that seems to be affecting everyone’s potatoes this year.  The amount of rain we have had this spring/summer has seen lots of people comment on the gardening blogs that their potatoes tasted bland and fell apart when they were boiled. 

Here in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden the First & Second Earlies that were grown in Potato Planting Bags were definitely better than the potatoes grown in the ground.  I can only assume that they didn’t get the drenching of water that the ground potatoes had so maybe this is the way to go next year?

Fingers crossed for better weather for next year’s potatoes.

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Adviser