Pond Shark Pro Pond Net

The Pond Shark Pro Pond Net is one shark you won't be petrified to see in your garden pond as this rubber-toothed, liner-friendly pond pal devours sediment, scum, algae and all the other horrors you really don't want muddying your waters...More information

Pack Content: Single Item
Size: 1.5m L x 33cm W
Product Code: GGT-006
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £37.95
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The ultimate water gardening tool, the Pond Shark net features a telescopic handle (1.5m long extending up to 2.4m) for reaching out to deep water in the pond middle and trebles up as a net, rake and scaper; the latter two functions made possible by the poly-fibre scraper blade. But it's the poly-fibre head of the pond shark garden pond net which is the business end of this beast; a cavernous 33cm wide by 12cm deep set of jaws is lined with a hydrodynamic pond net which gobbles up all pond debris and is even soft enough to catch fish.

Telescopic, tough and certainly not terrifying, the Pond Shark Pro Pond Net is the answer to all your garden pond cleaning problems!

  • Pond Shark Pro Pond Net measures 1.5m L when closed
  • Handle telescopes out to 2.4m
  • Tough poly-fibre head measures 33cm W
  • Hydrodynamic net is 12cm deep
  • Poly-fibre toothed scraper blade for scraping up pond bottom debris
  • Will not rip pond liners so can be skimmed across pond floor
  • Use as a net, scraper and rake
  • Net is soft enough to catch fish

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