New Potatoes for Christmas Dinner

Dear Martin

Just wanted to let you know that my fruit cage is doing well (Order No 31558)

I am now looking at page 20 in your cat at the Spud Tub set at £23 I would like to order a set of these please.

I am hopeful that I can have some new potatoes for Christmas dinner. I understand that if I plant now this should be the case.

I intend to keep the tubs outside and move them into the green house as the weather changes. Do you agree with this plan of action I wonder?

Also, would you have any seed potatoes for this project?

Thanks very much


Dear Mike

Many thanks for your recent message to my colleague Elaine. We are delighted to hear that your Fruit Cage is performing well, and that you are considering growing potatoes for Christmas.

The Spud Tubs are ideal for this purpose but are not designed to be moved, mainly due to the weight of the soil contained within each tub. It would be possible however to mount the tub on some kind of base which you could move if required, but unfortunately we do not supply this – we are also unable to supply the potatoes themselves, but we can recommend Thompson and Morgan, as the potatoes we purchased from them for use in our Kitchen Garden are producing excellent results.

If you wish to chit your potatoes before planting, please refer to the Kitchen Garden section of our website,  as we had an interesting debate on this subject earlier in the year!

Hopefully this information is of help and if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, and many thanks once again for your message.