Nematodes - safe for us to use?

Dear Martin

I see that many of your organic pest control products use nematodes. Given that some forms of nematode are parasitic, doesn't this then constitute a later health risk?
Kind Regards,


Dear Mark

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding any potential health risk from our nematode-based organic pest control products - which includes Nemaslug and Nemasys H. 

The company who breed and develop the nematode pest control products featured in our range, have advised me of the following;

“there are actually more species of nematodes than there are insects and some of them are harmful to humans, especially in some parts of the world.  However, all the nematodes in the Nemasys range are naturally occurring in our soil, and have been specifically chosen to only be parasitic to those pests.”  

Hopefully this information will allay your fears of future health risks and another important point to note is that as the nematodes are naturally occurring, the numbers - which are temporarily boosted by applying the nematode products - die back to the original population after 6 weeks. This ebb and flow method works well as the specific pests are controlled over a short period and then the soil returns to the status quo.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry.