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HI Gavin

Can you please tell me if I can use the application of nematodes on ground where I still have growing crops and flowers. I still have beetroot, potatoes, carrots and cabbage in ground on my allotment where I wish to make the effort to control the slug population. I also wish to apply the treatment to my flower beds at home where I have set out young plants, wallflowers, viola and dianthus which will hopefully give us a good show next year (if the slugs do not destroy them all!).


A reply at your earliest possible convenience would be very much appreciated .


Yours sincerely


Reuben B. Reynolds

Dear Reuben

The simple and quick answer to your question is yes, it's absolutely fine to use nematodes on areas where you still have growing vegetables etc. growing. 

Do follow the instructions supplied with them to maximise their effectiveness.


Best regards,

Gavin Hatt

Pest Expert
Harrod Horticultural

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By Anon3rd October 2014

Many Thanks

Good evening Gavin Many thanks for your very prompt response to my query . I can now look forward to more slug-free beds on my allotment and less slug damage to my 'nursery-stage' flowers which I am growing on from small 'plug plants' that I purchased. Thank you again and best regards , Reuben B. Reynolds

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