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There are a range of accessories available to compliment the Multi-Level 'Patiogro' Patio Growing System including a roll up shelf and watering kit...More information

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Designed for the Multi-Level 'Patiogro' we have an Irrigation Kit which makes watering easy and a Propagation Kit which includes seed trays, multi-cell trays and plant labels. 

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  • Irrigation Kit - just snaps onto your hosepipe to water all 12 trays simultaneously. Each of the 12 nozzles is fully adjustable with on/off functionality.
  • Propagation Kit includes 6 x half seed trays, 30 assorted multi-cell trays and 36 x 100mm plant labels.

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Grow Your OwnMarch 2012

March's Wish List

A simple way to grow crops in a small space! The PatioGro system is a sturdy frame with 12 extra-deep growing trays, offering two-tier drainage. Each one holds enough compost to let you produce anything from salads to strawberries, herbs and compact veg. The system has a 175cm width, 116cm height and 54cm depth - place it on a patio or even a balcony to squeeze in extra veg. It can be used all year round and comes with its own free irrigation system. Plus, as plants are raised above ground, they're less likely to run foul of slugs and small mammals.

Cook VegetarianMay 2009

Voted 'Best Buy' and featured in '6 of the Best Herbs to Grow'

Multi-level Patiogro Patio Growing System a BEST BUY! Where space really is at a premium, this clever 3-tier arrangement contains 12 deep trays to accommodate all variety of plants. Difficult for slugs to invade, designed to give the maximum light and ventilation to all plants and also inhibits the growth of weeds. So, whether you want to plant an entire salad outside your back door, or have a complete selection of fresh herbs at your fingertips, you won't need to dig up half of your garden

Number of Articles: 2
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