Maggots eating Strawberry Leaves

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Dear Harrod

How can I get rid of the little maggots eating my strawberry leaves?




Hello Michael

I'm guessing that these maggots as you call them must be caterpillars. There are a few species of moth larvae that happily feed on strawberry leaves, and if you don't have too many plants then the best way to deal with them is to remove by hand and destroy them. Alternatively you can apply nematodes (follow this  ink ). If eating fruit after applying then just make sure you wash it well. Follow directions on the packet and you can't go wrong.


Many thanks for your query, and good luck.


Gavin Hatt

Pest Control Expert





Ok the picture helps and I can see they are Sawfly larvae (most probably Rose Sawfly looking at colour and shape). 

You can still use what I recommended (nematodes) but if not too many plants I suggest picking them off.


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