Linking my Link-a-Bord Raised Beds

Dear Martin

I am interested in buying two of the 1m x 1m Link-a-Bord raised bed kits, and stack them as a double tier bed. According to Link-a-Bord's website, if you want to stack them you need to buy extra doweling. However, on your website your advice to Simone in Jan 08 for her larger 1m x 3m bed implies that sufficient doweling is included in the kit for that size to stack.

Please could you tell me, do I need to buy extra doweling, and if so, how much please?  

Thank you

Lynda Roberts 

Dear Lynda

Many thanks for your recent enquiry concerning the amount of plastic dowel required when constructing a 1m square, 2 tier Link-a-Bord kit.   I’ve checked the components we supply with a 1m square (single tier) bed (product code GDN-760) and listed them below;  

Code Description Quantity GDN-766 Corner Link 4 GDN-768 1m Board 4 GDN-769 1m Dowel 2 GDN-771 Cover Caps (pack of 12) 1

As you can see, you get 2m of dowel per single tier 1m square bed – you actually only need 1.2m (8 x 15cm) but as the smallest length the dowel is supplied in is 1m, we have no choice but to give you 80cm extra! Therefore, if you order 2 of the 1m square beds, you’ll end up with 4m of dowel when you only require 2.4m – giving you plenty of spare after constructing your bed.   I can’t speak for Link-a-Bord; it could be that they supply different, more exact, quantities of dowel; but can state that if you order from us you’ll receive the quantities listed above, which are plenty for your ‘doubling up’ project.  

I hope this information puts your mind at rest!