Link-a-Bord assistance required...

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the Link-a-Bord raised bed system we supply, and also for your kind comments regarding our website – it’s good to hear our hard work is appreciated occasionally!  

Onto your proposed Link-a-Bord beds. There’s not much to choose between the two options you have listed, but I’d be inclined to purchase two 3m x 1m kits and then cut the 6 x 1m sections of dowel into 30cm lengths before inserting them into the construction. You should have 60cm of dowel (6 x 10cm lengths) left over and you’ll also have 2 complete packs of cover caps left as spares – this way also works out less expensive, as 8 x 1m boards alone cost £30.80 when purchased individually whereas a complete 3m x 1m kit comes in at £32.   I’d also recommend you add 4 x Support Braces to your order as any Link-a-Bord construction over 2m in length/width is prone to bowing from the weight of contained soil.