Link-a-Bord assistance required...

Dear Martin

I have a gently sloping garden and would like to improve my vegetable garden by putting in raised beds.  To level the slopes in my garden I will have to put in double height beds.  Is it best to buy two sets and put them on top of each other or is it better to buy one set and separate parts for the second layer.  If so which parts should I buy.  I would like to start with two 3m x 1m beds, eventually increasing to four this size.  

I have really enjoyed your website and look forward to your reply.  

Simone Edwards

Dear Simone

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the Link-a-Bord raised bed system we supply, and also for your kind comments regarding our website – it’s good to hear our hard work is appreciated occasionally!  

Onto your proposed Link-a-Bord beds. There’s not much to choose between the two options you have listed, but I’d be inclined to purchase two 3m x 1m kits and then cut the 6 x 1m sections of dowel into 30cm lengths before inserting them into the construction. You should have 60cm of dowel (6 x 10cm lengths) left over and you’ll also have 2 complete packs of cover caps left as spares – this way also works out less expensive, as 8 x 1m boards alone cost £30.80 when purchased individually whereas a complete 3m x 1m kit comes in at £32.   I’d also recommend you add 4 x Support Braces to your order as any Link-a-Bord construction over 2m in length/width is prone to bowing from the weight of contained soil.