Is it a rat or a squirrel?

Dear Martin

I am considering purchasing one of your humane traps. However, I am not sure if the pest in question is a rat or a squirrel, and therefore which is the best choice of trap. Can you advise?


Dear Scott

Many thanks for your enquiry regarding the Humane Pest Control Traps we supply. Unfortunately, the squirrel trap and the two types of rat trap are fundamentally different and are only suitable for catching the creature they are designed for.

To ensure you successfully catch the pest, we would advise you to try and ascertain exactly if it is a rat or a squirrel – this is usually achieved by a visual sighting or the less pleasant method of checking the droppings -squirrel droppings are normally round whilst the rat droppings are elongated.

Another way of identifying the pest is by the footprints – squirrels hop so the prints are in groups, with the larger back paw in front of the smaller front.

Hopefully this information will enable you to track down the pest and allow you to confidently purchase the corresponding trap. If of course you have any further questions or queries, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry.