Hollow Tine Aerator

Dear Martin

Please would you recommend the best manual Hollow tine lawn aerator?

Kind regards

Joan Bell

Dear Joan

Many thanks for your recent e-mail concerning the best type of manual hollow tine aerator to buy.

In my experience, there are two aerator features which you could possibly do without but make the whole process of aerating a compacted lawn all the more easier. The first is spring loaded tines as these make pushing the implement into the ground much less arduous and the second is a core collecting tray, which - just as it sounds - retains the core of soil removed from each hole and eliminates the need to rake/sweep them off the lawn surface after aerating.

Unfortunately we don't stock an aerator with these attributes but there are plenty around as a quick trawl around the web will reveal. You should be looking at paying in the region of £40 for a decent spring tined core collection hollow tine aerator.

Finally, I'd advise you to hollow tine the lawn in spring, follow up by brushing a lawn topdressing over and into the aerated soil (it will fill in the holes you make and work into the soil well) and over seed afterwards where necessary. Do all this after applying a moss killer and scarifying and once any new grass has established, apply a spring lawn feed - your lawn will never have looked so good!

Thanks again for your enquiry; I hope the information above proves to be of help and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or queries.

Kind Regards