Heavy Duty Welded Chicken Fencing

This is no ordinary chicken wire; instead, it's a 1mm thick, hot-dipped, galvanised beast of a mesh designed for poultry cages and poultry fencing where foxes are a particular menace...More information

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Heavy Duty Chicken Fence Netting - The practice of keeping a few chickens in a chicken run in the back garden is growing fast and many small holders and allotment holders are now keeping chickens on the allotments too - for both the rich manure they produce and of course those lovely fresh eggs.

Keeping chickens safe from hungry foxes is of paramount importance, and that's why we've introduced this heavy duty galvanised Chicken Wire Fencing to our poultry range. This heavy duty chicken fence mesh cannot be pulled out of shape which can sometimes lead to a fox gaining access to the coop.

This Welded Chicken Fencing is available in two sizes 740gsm (13mm square mesh) on a 0.9m x 6m roll and 810gsm (12mm square mesh) on a 2m x 10m roll - ample to keep your chickens in and the foxes out. Use in conjunction with our Poultry Cages and Poultry Houses to give your chickens the ultimate in safety and comfort.

  • 1mm thick mesh
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Weld Mesh
  • 12mm and 13mm mesh sizes
  • Rigid mesh does not pull out of shape like chicken wire
  • Ideal for use in fox problem areas
  • Use on home made runs or with our Poultry Cages

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