Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cage

Many thanks for your enquiry. It would appear that the two most suitable options for your kitchen garden would be a Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cage or an Aluminium Fruit Cage.

The steel fruit cage is the more robust of the two and is likely to withstand inclement weather, and the price reflects the extra quality.

A steel cage measuring 3.5m (11'6") by 3m (9'9")is priced at £243, although a 10% discount is available at present. Delivery to West Sussex is £9.95, so the total cost, including discount and delivery is £228.65.

The cost effective alternative is the aluminium fruit cage; this is ideal for a more sheltered location and although not as durable as the steel cage, it is the strongest cage of it's type available.

A cage measuring 3.5m x 3m is priced at £160, with a delivery charge of £4.95, giving a total of £164.95.

Both types of cage are supplied complete with a door kit, roof and side netting and all the necessary pegs, ties and clips.

You may also wish to consider the vegetable cages we produce but as they only measure 1.2m in height compared to the 2m headroom in the fruit cages, they are not as easy to stand up inside.

Hopefully this information is of help but if you do have any further questions or queries, or would like a copy of our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry.