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Harrod Slot & Lock® Storm Proof 1.8m Walk In Fruit Cage (Black)

The Harrod Slot & Lock® Storm Proof Cage in Black finish is a superb value 1.8m high walk-in cage, especially for vegetable growers, providing a simple and cost effective way to protect your plants.
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Price: From £122.00
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The 1.8m high Walk-in Cage kit uses strong 16mm diameter black aluminium tubing and our exclusive award winning Harrod Slot & Lock® connectors, which are screwed firmly in place to create a sturdy fruit cage structure.  

The cage kit stands 1.8m high, includes braces for extra rigidity and has a Zip Net Access Strip which can be located anywhere on the netting for a convenient re-sealable entry for easy access to your crops.

The innovative Award Winning storm proof clips secures the netting to the framework and ensures that in high winds and snowfall the netting will detach from the framework preventing the framework from being damaged or bent.

The kit comes complete with fitted 7mm soft mesh butterfly netting which when fixed to the stormproof clips can be easily moved along the framework for easy access to your plants.

The durable corrosion resistant aluminum tube framework sits 20cm/8" into the ground - we recommend a hole former for installation when the ground is tough. 

  • Framework made from 16mm black aluminium tubing & Harrod Slot & Lock® connectors
  • Upright tubing caps provided
  • Includes corner braces for extra rigidity
  • Fitted 7mm soft butterfly netting - please note: netting will also stop most pollinators
  • Stormproof clips supplied to secure netting and detach from framework in high winds or heavy snowfall
  • Supplied with Zip Net Access Strip for easy access to crops
  • Cage stands 1.8m high - uprights insert 20cm/8" into ground
  • Hole Former is available separately for installation on tough ground conditions
  • We recommend removing the netting over winter to prevent any potential damage from heavy snow and high winds 
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