Join The Harrod Horticultural Affiliate Program

The Harrod Horticultural Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to partner with one of the UK leading retailers in the gardening sector that has impressive Google search positions.  With high quality exclusive products and competitive pricing it is a great way to earn easy commission.

Earn Money

Add value to your website and generate additional revenue by becoming a affiliate. Every time a visitor from your site buys from us you earn commission on the sale. It's FREE to join and only requires you to put a link from your website to ours. As a Harrod Horticultural Affiliate you will earn 5% commission on all sales (including VAT and delivery) generated from your website. There’s the flexibility to structure the commission in any way to suit e.g. part used to incentivise orders via e-code vouchers and part enjoyed as commission if you wish; we offer a generous 60 day cookie too.

About Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural is a UK leading retailer of superior products in the gardening sector.  As a team of passionate 'grow your own' gardeners that design and manufacture many of our own exclusive products at our home in Suffolk using 60 years of experience, we understand the importance and satisfaction of quality, reliable and long lasting solutions.

Our range includes everything a gardener could need to sow, grow and harvest fruit and vegetables – raised beds and accessories, fruit and vegetable cages, patio planters, garden netting, cloches, cold frames, plant supports, tools, composting kit, watering solutions, pest control, greenhouse equipment, seed and much, much more.

Our reputation among gardeners is very strong with many of our flagship exclusive products – fruit and vegetable cages and raised beds - displayed in RHS gardens around the country as well as in the garden at Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s River Cottage no less.

Not since the famous “Dig For Victory” times of post-war Britain have we seen such a boom in the interest of people growing their own fresh and tasty home grown food. The demand from gardeners is for inspirational, innovative and superior products that last, which is why Harrod Horticultural have established themselves as popular choice. Customers can learn more about the products they are interested in with our video clip product demonstrations and customer reviews as well as enjoy the additional value of our many learning features as well as FREE expert advice to complete what is a very rounded experience.

All this is reflected in our high average order value and conversion rates, which along with the generous 5% commission we offer on all sales to Affiliates, makes the program extremely attractive.  We're confident that you'll enjoy a rewarding relationship with us too.  To optimise your success, we aim to provide proactive updates on seasonal products, bestsellers, up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, new products and latest offers.

Key Benefits

  • 5% standard commission (sales including VAT & excluding delivery)
  • High average order value
  • 60 day cookie period
  • Product data-feed featuring exclusive products
  • Regular offers & promotions
  • FREE quotation service & expert advice
  • Full range of creatives and can custom ones too
  • Dedicated and proactive affiliate management team

Who Can Join?

Anyone can become a Harrod Horticultural Affiliate. Your site must be entirely reputable and we reserve the right to decline any application which we feel is unsuitable.

We request that Affiliates do not bid on our brand name Harrod Horticultural or any variations or misspellings of our brand name as well as terms relating to Fruit Cages, Raised Beds and Garden Netting.

How Do I Join?

Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward.

Apply to join the Harrod Horticultural Affiliate Programme with Webgains, the leading affiliate network. Just sign up and you are ready to start earning money!

Please do not hesitate to contact us or Webgains should you require any further information.