Guttermate Rainwater Filter & Diverter

The Gutter Mate is an ingenious design to stop debris and waste clogging downpipes, filtering rainwater and also diverting the rainwater to a waterbutt fits up to 80mm round downpipes and 75mm x 75mm square...More information

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Product Code: GWT-920
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The Gutter Mate can be easily installed on either round or square plastic downpipes. The water passes through a filter within the guttermate which stops leaves and debris and can be easily inspected and cleaned.

Winners of the Hertfordshire Green Award 2011, FSB Green Footprint for 2013 and UK Green apple award for 2012 Gutter Mate filter is approved by the Water Technology List allowing the Gutter Mate to be used in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

  • Gutter Mate Filter stops debris clogging downpipes
  • Easy to install,
  • Round Downpipe - fits 68mm to 80mm
  • Square Downpipe - fits 65mm square to 75mm square
  • Filter can be easily inspected
  • Easy to clean - takes 30 seconds
  • Water can be diverted to a water butt
  • Protects soakaways
  • Award winning design
  • Approved by Water Technology List

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Which GardeningMay 2014

New Products and our verdict - James Robbins Researcher

The Guttermate fits to the wall and diverts water from a down-pipe into a water butt. It has a removable filter to catch debris washed down the pipe. I found it easy to fit, and I soon had it hooked up to my water butt. Before long it started raining. There weren't lots of leaves around, but the Guttermate did stop the small amount of debris in the gutter from getting into the butt. It was easy to remove the filter and clean out the debris. A fine-mesh insert is also available if you plan to use the water in a pressure washer. Once the butt was full, the water was diverted to flow down the down-pipe as normal. It's a simple solution that works well.

Number of Articles: 1
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