Grow Through Plant Support Rings

These Grow Through Plant Rings are perfect peony supports, providing support to even the largest, heaviest blooms and are available in numerous sizes to fit any gardening situation...More information

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Even the biggest, heaviest blooms like peonies can hold their heads high with the help of the sturdy grids that keep blossoms separated.

Available in numerous sizes of wire mesh rings and removable support legs, just set up early on the ground when plants are young, then raise them to allow the plant to grow through the grid and make it disappear as they thrive. Each set consists of 2 rings and 6 legs that are manufactured from steel wire and coated with discreet, durable green plastic.

  • Available in 8 sizes to suit any size of plant, the rings and legs are manufactured from steel wire
  • They are coated with green plastic, allowing them to blend into the garden and eventually disappear under the plant as it thrives.
  • Each pack consists of 2 Grow Through Ring Supports
  • When choosing your size of support please note the first measurement in the list refers to the diameter of the ring and the second measurement refers to the height of the legs


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