Greenhouse Staging

Dear Martin

I've just had a new greenhouse installed on the site of my old timber one and I'm hoping to get completely organised before spring properly arrives. I want to make the most of my space and your greenhouse staging has caught my eye.  

I had staging units in my old greenhouse, supplied by other gardening companies and to be honest, they weren't really fit for the puropose. They wobbled, they weren't sturdy and I was always worried about them collapsing under strain - and that was only under normal greenhouse growing conditions, no heavy loads.   

I'm not one for making the same mistake twice so please could you tell me why I should trust your aluminium greenhouse staging and what kind of weight can it support?    

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Many thanks


Dear Eric

Many thanks for your recent message regarding our greenhouse staging - available in single tier, two tier and three tier versions - and whether the popular units are 'man' enough for regular greenhouse use.  

Our design team spent many years researching greenhouse staging and certainly came across many of the 'inferior' versions you have also discovered, unfortunately to your cost. It's this insight into the greenhouse staging sector and our ambition to create a far better product than was currently available that led to the conception and manufacture of the greenhouse staging we supply. 

We're confident we've got it right as well! Why? Well, we've thoroughly tested the greenhouse staging at all points of its manufacture in Stephanie's Kitchen Garden, our own Harrod horticultural, fully operational Victorian-styled kitchen garden - complete of course with greenhouse! That's why we've constructed our staging from 1.6mm gauge aluminium - thicker and stronger than most other staging units - and added top level bracing stays for additional support and rigidity.       

We've also produced superior strength, 25mm deep, double folded and safety edged aluminum trays for our staging units. These beasts of greenhouse trays are safe, lightweight yet very durable and are the perfect hosts for gravel, sand and when reveresed to create a flat surface, capillary matting.  

In fact we're so assured of the strength and quality of our greenhouse staging units, we've given them a 10 year framework guarantee and even subjected them to load bearing tests, which you can see from the image above. This off-the-shelf, two tier, 173cm long (5'8") unit was loaded up with bags of compost and comfortably held 77kg of material per module (there are three modules) and could have taken more but we ran out of compost! That's far in excess of any normal greenhouse use and testimony to the design and manufacture.  

I hope this insight into our greenhouse staging has given you both a window into the development of this product and the confidence to purchase from us, and if you've any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.