Fruit Cage or Cat Run?

Thank you for your message regarding our Fruit Cages. We have produced pet cages for other customers in the past and we are able to meet your requirements using our Steel Fruit Cages. Our Steel frames can be attached to walls using a steel bracket.  The top rods simply fit into these brackets which are then bolted in place and the remainder of the frame is fitted as standard. 

The nearest size we do to your requirements is a 9.0m (29'6") x 3.0m (9'9") frame which would be 9.1m x 3.05m outer dimensions. To give you an idea of price, a standard framework c/w door unit and fittings of this size would be £408.00 £9.95 carriage.  Our standard side netting should be sufficient around the edges of the frame, however we can supply rabbit wire for added protection, this would be more than suitable for your needs around the bottom edge of the framework if you were concerned about your cat chewing the netting. 

Unfortunately we do not have any reference sites in the area at present to see our framework.  We are currently working with certain gardens in the area to display our frames in their kitchen gardens which are open to the public. 

Please contact again once you have confirmed sizes.