Frost Free Greenhouse!

Dear Martin

I have a 6’x4’ greenhouse.  I want to grow chilli peppers, sweet peppers & tomatoes. Which of the propane Frost Buster heaters would I need?  The 300W or the 800W?  



Dear Ken

Many thanks for your recent enquiry concerning which of the two Frost Buster propane heaters would be suited to your greenhouse and growing aspirations.  

Although both heaters are recommended for greenhouses around 30 foot square, the 800W rated version will produce nearly three times as much heat as the 300W, and would be my recommendation if you are intending to grow the peppers and tomatoes mentioned in your message.    

However, if you have electricity supplied to your greenhouse, I’d strongly recommend one of the fan heaters we supply. They are more powerful so would not need to be in use almost constantly and have the major advantage of being thermostatically controlled, allowing you to set the temperature you wish the heater to maintain. A further bonus is the fan action which helps distribute the heat around the greenhouse and can even act as a method of summer cooling.

Electric heaters to consider are the Tropic Electric Fan Heater and the Montana – both will comfortably generate enough heat to keep your peppers and tomatoes happy until summer on the lower, less expensive, 1kw setting.       

Incidentally, whichever heater you decide to use, I’d strongly advise you to insulate your greenhouse with bubble insulation next autumn or winter. This material considerably reduces the amount of time your heater needs to be active by retaining heat within the structure.