Every insect pest likes Aubergines

Dear Julian

Can you help me find out what insect/pest is eating the leaves of my aubergines? They do not make a hole in the leaf, but eat it entirely.
Many thanks,

Dear Geneviève

Oh dear Aubergines! Every insect pest likes Aubergines. I suspect this is caterpillars. Are you seeing any droppings anywhere on the plants which is often a sign of caterpillar activity?
If they are young plants sometimes slugs and snails will also eat young leaves. Also mice can attack plants and eat leaves, although I have not seen this on Aubergines. I would suggest you shake the plants and see if anything drops out i.e caterpillars.
If they do, you can either apply Caterpillar Killer nematodes or spray a pyrethrum based spray on them like Insect Killer spray which is safe on edible plants.

Kind Regards