Earwig infested corn

Dear Julian

My corn has scores of earwigs within the ears. I have 8 healthy plants each with around 3 or 4 ears of corn on them and I have only just noticed the amount of earwigs. They are nearly ready and the earwigs haven't seemed to affect them so far, however, there seems to be alot of faeces/eggs within the corn and I'm not sure if I want to eat the corn after seeing the amount! What's the best solution? I would say the corn has about another week till fully ripe, should I just leave them and give the corn a good clean before using or should I attempt to clear the infestation now?

Any advice greatly received!



Dear Sophie

The traditional and organic way to reduce earwigs is to put an upturned flower pot on top of canes or sticks near the plants and stuff the pots with newspaper. This attracts the earwigs into the pots and takes them away from your plants. However, it might be a bit late for this in your case, so I would suggest you just clean the cobs when you open them and then put the flower pots in place for your next crop. It is difficult to control them with sprays if they are already in the crop. I hope this helps.