Cross-Beam Fruit Press (20 litres)

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The 20 Litre Cross Beam Fruit Press can press around 18kg/40lbs of apples or pears to create up to 8 litres/14 pints of delicious fresh juice with just one simple operation...More information

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Produce up to 8 litres in one operation of freshly pressed apple juice with this tough, steel and beech construction 20 Litre Cross-Beam Press. Operation is simple; fill the press cage with your crushed apples and wind the handle to force fresh, pure apple juice through the beech staves and into the collection tray. Each operation can crush approximately 18Kg/40lbs of milled apples and produce around 8 ltrs/14 pints of refreshing juice. 

If you're just starting out or for pressing smaller quantities of fruit, the 12 Litre Press is ideal - and we even stock a specialist Fruit Crusher to prepare your fruit for pressing and help ensure you extract every last drop of juice!

  • 20 litre Cross-Beam Fruit Press measures 89cm H x 61cm D and weighs 38kg
  • Frames made from steel and covered in EU safety standard compliant polyester coating
  • Press cages made from fashioned beech staves embraced with steel hoops
  • Seasoned oak wind down pressure plate
  • Steel legs pre-drilled with boltholes for permanent fixing and added stability
  • Aluminium Tray
  • Easy to clean with fresh water after use
  • Spare pressing plates, trays and slats available - please contact us for more information

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Our Horticulturist Martin Fiddes says; "Crushing and pressing fruit to extract juice is a process rich in history, with the production of apple juice and cider stretching back to Norman times. Things have moved on a bit since then, and today, pressing your own home-grown fruit could not be easier.

"These easy to use presses are a great way to start pressing your own fruit and are suitable for squeezing every last drop of juice from apples, pears and grapes and soft berries don't put up much resitance either.

" Collect up windfamlls and blemished fruit you would otherwise eat or store or make friends with neighbours who have an annual glut of fruit from their trees, get ready to apply a bit of elbow grease and the sparkling fresh juice produced is ideal for drinking, freezing, making syrups, ices and jellies or can even be turned into cider or wine.

"It's also possible to experiment with different varieties of fruit to concoct your own unique flavoured juice and don't forget the compacted fruit pulp created when pressing – known as pomace – is suitable for the compost heap.

"We've also run some tests to find out just how efficient using a crusher prior to pressing your apples can be - and the results are staggering! After cutting 30 apples into quarters and putting them straight in the press produced 350ml of juice, but running the same amount of quartered apples through a crusher first produced a whopping 1600ml of fresh juice - and increase of 357%!"

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The English Garden2011-11-03

The Rake : News and Events

Many of you have more than one fruit tree, and unless you have extrodinary appetites, I am willing to bet that (on a good year) they produce more apples and pears than you can comfortably eat. You could, of course, store them, but how about making apple juice instead? Harrod Horticultural have a range of good-looking fruit presses that can convert your windfalls into something delicious.

Oxfordshire Preview3rd September 2009

"A traditional fruit press is the ideal way to transform an overabundance of apples and pears into a delicious juice."

Number of Articles: 4
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