Corner Raised Beds and Slug and Snail Copper Tape

Dear Martin

I am interested in the allotment style raised beds but I would like to create them in cut off wedge shapes rather than rectangles - can you provide ones that I can assemble myself or made to the dimensions I provide?  

I am also considering attaching the copper tape around the walls of the timber to prevent slugs/snails having a free lunch, I'm guessing this would be OK?



Dear Fiona

Many thanks for your message concerning our Allotment Timber Raised Bed Range and the possibility of constructing a triangular or 'wedge' shaped bed.

We do stock a corner bed version of the allotment bed - it's on page 13 of our 116-page 2010 catalogue. Unfortunately we can't supply pre-cut or shaped Allotment Raised Bed planks but as the rectangular kits come flat packed, tailoring the components for your own needs is certainly possible and only takes some basic DIY skills.

The beds basically consist of the planks and internal wooden corner posts and both can be easily cut down or shaped.  And with regard to placing the Slug & Snail Copper Tape around the beds; this is a technique we've used to great success in our Stephanie's Kitchen Garden, our own Harrod Horticultural garden set-up. Just make sure there are no slugs or snails hiding in the bed before you put the tape around - it's probably best to apply the tape before filling the beds - and you should get at least a year's service from the tape.

Don't stop at raised beds; we've also used the tape to good effect on legs of obelisks, wigwams and other plant supports as well!  

I hope this information proves to be of help and many thanks once again for your enquiry. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any more assistance and best of luck in the garden this year!