Cat Deterrent Plants Survive Winter

Dear Lynn

Will the cat deterrent plants last through our winters?

Many thanks


Dear Chris

Unfortunately the Scaredy Cat plant (Coleus canina) is not frost hardy so you will only be able to use it during the summer months.  It is termed as a half-hardy annual so you may get it to survive for a year or two if kept over wintered in a frost free place.  Several mail order companies now sell these as plug plants so you could buy some in early spring and grow them on in a warm place and put them out once all risk of frost has passed.  If you have a problem during the year when it is colder there are scented granules available from Garden Centres – these may help but I haven’t used these so can’t comment on how effective they are.

Harrod Horticultural also offer these seeds - Natural Cat Deterrent Plant Seeds

As a cat owner I would be interested to hear if you think the Scaredy Cat plant is effective as a deterrent in your garden?

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton - Horticultural Adviser