Can you take cuttings from peppers

Dear Jo

Just wondered if you can you take cuttings from  peppers?

Kind Regards





Dear Roy

Dear Roy

Thanks for your email. 

It is possible to take cuttings of peppers.  You need to use a sterile knife and cut a non-woody section with at least six leaves.  Dip the end of the cutting in rooting powder and place the cutting in a vermiculite.  You’ll need to keep the cuttings well misted and check them regularly.  Once you can see a root ball, pot up the cutting.

I have never done this as peppers are so easy to grow from seed and cuttings are very tricky.  If you have a particular plant that you want to propagate, I would suggest saving some seed from it.  Simply scrape the seeds from one of the peppers and spread them on a tray.  Pop them in the airing cupboard, or somewhere warm and dry, for a couple of weeks.  Then put them in a seed packet or envelope and sow them next year. 

If you do take cuttings, I would be very interested to hear how you get on.  

Kindest Regards

 Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener