Can you take cuttings from peppers

Dear Roy

Thanks for your email. 

It is possible to take cuttings of peppers.  You need to use a sterile knife and cut a non-woody section with at least six leaves.  Dip the end of the cutting in rooting powder and place the cutting in a vermiculite.  You’ll need to keep the cuttings well misted and check them regularly.  Once you can see a root ball, pot up the cutting.

I have never done this as peppers are so easy to grow from seed and cuttings are very tricky.  If you have a particular plant that you want to propagate, I would suggest saving some seed from it.  Simply scrape the seeds from one of the peppers and spread them on a tray.  Pop them in the airing cupboard, or somewhere warm and dry, for a couple of weeks.  Then put them in a seed packet or envelope and sow them next year. 

If you do take cuttings, I would be very interested to hear how you get on.  

Kindest Regards

 Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener