Camellia not flowering


> I bought a Camellia shrub in 2012 I think it was (sorry can't remember what type but think it is a red flowering Camellia) however to date it has never flowered.  It was in a small pot when I purchased it from a supermarket.


> I repotted it last year into an 8-10 inch pot because it had not flowered.  It has been in this pot around 2 years.  It was placed under a large bay tree bush initially. There was no flowers first year when it was only young, last year or this year.


> A few months ago I moved it out from under the bay bush and it is against the side of the house.  But  again no flowers this year either.  The plant gets late morn sunshine. My garden is south facing. These last few weeks I have given the  plant a really good water but have not fed it.


> I have been watering the plant every day for the last 2 or 3 weeks now.  This  has made big difference.  There are lots of new shoots more than ever before,  However I wonder if I am overwatering?


> I would be grateful for some advice.


> Thanking you in anticipation



> Marie 

Dear Marie

Your camellia will need to be planted in ericaceous soil as they prefer acid conditions.

It will require plenty if water during dry spells all year round, but especially when the flower buds are forming.  Always water with rain water as they do not like the hardness of tap water. 

It sounds as though your plant is situated well as they do not like sunshine first thing in the morning.

Feed your plant with an ericaceous feed up until the end of July.

In the winter, cover you plant with a fleece jacket as sharp frosts can cause the flower buds to drop.


Hopefully with a little attention you will be rewarded with a stunning display of flowers.



Kindest Regards

Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener

Harrod Horticultural