Buzz Off Bottle Top Wasp Traps

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Foil the black and yellow peril this summer with these stunningly simple but highly effective Buzz Off Bottle Top Wasp Traps, sure to make any nuisance wasp angrier than usual
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Pack Content: 6 Pack
Product Code: GPC-047
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Sorry, this product is no longer available.

The yellow trap inserts push firmly into the neck of any used plastic drinks bottle; just add some attractive sugared water to get the wasps' attention and they will be lured inside, never to escape.

Ideal for use towards the end of the summer when worker wasps have been turfed out of their nests, the Buzz Off Bottle Top Wasp Traps are supplied in a pack of six inserts and can be used season after season.

  • Buzz Off Bottle Top Wasp Traps supplied in packs of 6
  • Simply push into neck of used plasstic drinks bottle
  • Use in late summer when wasps are a nuisance
  • Fill with sugared water to attract wasps 
  • Wasps can get in but not escape
  • Use again and again

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Our horticulturist Martin Fiddes says; "Although wasps can be a nuisance towards the end of the summer, there is a reason for their anti-social behaviour.

"Worker wasps spend most of the spring and summer catching insects for the larvae in the nest - a good reason to tolerate them in or around the garden - and in return, the grubs produce a sugary liquid to feed the workers.

"But when the queen stops laying eggs towards the end of the summer, there are no larvae to feed the wasps and their attention turns to our ice creams, outdoor lunches, beer gardens and parties as they search for their sugar fix.

"That's why if you want to trap these aerial menaces, make sure you put the Buzz Off Bottle Top Traps out in late summer - not when they are gathering insects and caterpillars off your plants!"