Blotching on Liquid Amber trees

Dear Lynn

I have downloaded a pic of a Liquid Amber tree leaf for advice on what has caused the purple/red blotching. Three where purchased from a local nursery two years ago, one of the trees leaves started getting the blotches until every leaf was covered the tree finally died, of the other two they are now 14' high.

In checking the trees one has started to get these blotches on the bottom leaves! I am concerned this will go the same way as the other tree.

The third tree is ok, can you advise what to do?
Best regards 


Dear Bev

What a shame that you have this problem with your Liquid Amber trees and that you have lost two trees already.

Unfortunately neither myself or  my colleagues are experts on trees  but I do know that Liquid Amber trees are particularly susceptible to leaf scorch and canker disease but from your photograph this doesn’t seem to be the problem you have.  I thought it was rust at first but that does not usually kill trees so I can only think it is some kind of fungal disease.

Can I suggest that you speak to the nursery you  bought them from as they may be more knowledgeable on the trees they sell, failing that you could contact an online Tree Expert company  and use the Ask the Expert facility where you can ask tree experts about your problem or if they can’t help maybe contact a local  Arborist for some expert diagnosis.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help and I hope that something can be done to save your remaining tree.

Kind Regards
Lynn Burton - Horticultural Adviser