Blind Brassicas

Dear Martin

Can you tell me what causes Brassicas to grow "blind" and can this be prevented or cured?.  I've noticed it more these last two or three years and nobody seems to know the answer.                 

Thank you in anticipation.

Dear Sir/Madam

As promised, I have returned from the Kitchen Garden and have some information for you on the causes of blindness in brassica

This ’blindness’ is caused when the growing tip of the young plant or seedling is removed or damaged – this can happen because of a nutrient deficiency, waterlogging or dryness and also due to pest attack

The best form of prevention is to ensure plants are adequately watered in dry spells, whilst taking care not to over water which of course can lead to waterlogging of the soil. Regular feeding of the growing plants will also help, as will preparing the soil before planting – brassicas prefer fertile, well-drained soil which, most importantly, as they need to get a good roothold to withstand winter weather, firm. Therefore it is beneficial to prepare beds in the autumn for spring planting to enable the soil to firm up again – and don’t overwork the soil before planting

Finally, check your crops regularly for any sign of pest or disease presence but hopefully accurate watering and feeding will produce strong and healthy plants.

Hopefully this information is of help but if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us