Biodegradable Plant Ties

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Greenworthy biodegradable plant ties are gentle on plants and their unique ability to stretch allows them to’ grow ‘with the plants hence causing no damage to plant stems...More information

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The Greenworthy plant ties are very versatile and have many uses. These plant ties are biodegradable, organic and can be re-used. The cotton ties are very gentle on plants and their unique ability to stretch allows them to’ grow ‘with the plant hence no damage is caused to stems. The plant ties are soft to the touch and very simple to use.

The plant ties are ideal for tying tomato plants, runner beans, raspberries, climbing roses, trailing plants, sweet pea, shrubs, herbaceous plants and even small trees, in fact anything needing support. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

These biodegradable plant ties offer the gardener a very attractive and environmentally friendly alternative.

Plant ties are now available in a pre cut pack of 24 ties of 260mm in length only

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Kitchen GardenJuly 2014

Tried and Tested - Plant Ties

KG Verdict - Simple strong and easy to use and a good price. 5 ***** for performance, ease of use and durability. These durable little ties are very cheap and are great for controlling unruly shrubs, rambling roses etc. The green colour means the plastic isn't too obtrusive in among foliage and they are pretty strong too. Plastic takes a few years to deteriorate so they won't need replacing too soon. A bit light for larger stems, and the toothed edge could cut in if pulled too tight, but they do a great job if used correctly.

Number of Articles: 1
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