Ask the Expert - Meet Julian...

Julian Ives is our Pest Control expert and his vast experience is based on a long career in commercial biological control.

He began his journey by studying Commercial Horticulture at Writtle Agricultural College before enjoying a brief spell with Monro Horticultural and the moving to Koppert Biological systems, the world's leading producer of biological pest control products.

After 12 years advising commercial growers on how to reduce chemical insecticides and use beneficial insects for pest control, Julian took charge of Koppert's UK office before leaving to set up an internet based company specialising in biological pest control for gardeners.

By now an independent consultant advising on biological and natural pest control, Julian formed Dragonfli Ltd in 2010, a compsany which develop natural products for gardeners from products used in commercial horticuture; Dragonfli products feature heavily in our range with the first Bumblebee hive for gardeners and numerous new beneficial fungi products for plant care all available.