Applying Nemasys Nematode

Hi Gavin

We have had a Leatherjacket & Chafer grub problem for several years and have tried various products to eradicate the problem without success. Last year after having the lawn replaced at a cost of £2000. we treated with Nemasys Chafer Grub Nematodes but my question is :- Come this Aug/Oct 2014 can we use the Nemasys Chafer Grub and Nemasys Leather jacket products at the same time or will they have a detrimental effect on each other.




Hello Norman

The quick answer to your question is that its fine to apply both products together, as one does not affect the other.

So long as you apply them on or above the minimum recommended temperature for the Chafer grub killer (12C or above), both should work fine.


Many thanks for your query,


Pest Expert

Harrod Horticultural