80 cell Self-Watering Seed Starting System

Novice growers and experienced gardeners alike will be delighted with this 80 cell Self-Watering Seed Starting System, reliable, reusable, self-watering, easy to use, cost effective and fits perfectly into any greenhouse or potting shed...More information

Pack Content: 2 x 40 cell packs
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £12.90
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Novice growers and experienced gardeners alike will be delighted with this Self-Watering Seed Starting System; it's reliable, reusable, self-watering, very easy to use and cost effective - and with that list of attributes, it fits perfectly into any greenhouse or potting shed set-up supplying an allotment, vegetable patch or kitchen garden.

The Self-Watering Seed Starting System provides the ideal environment for quick germination and vigorous root growth, almost guaranteeing sturdy, healthy transplants that will thrive in your garden, thanks in the main to the insulated 40 cell polystyrene growing trays that maintains an even temperature. A clear plastic cover is included to help retain heat and moisture but most importantly it has a self-watering reservoir - so over or under-watering worries are a thing of the past! The reservoir will hold roughly a weeks supply of water; just keep it topped up and the capillary matting will draw the water to the plants as and when they demand it. Eash of the Self-Watering Seed Starting System measures 38cm long, is 25cm wide, 8.5cm high


  • 2 Self-Watering Seed Starting System ideal for raising seedlings of all types
  • Plants grow in the two insulated, 40 cell polystyrene trays (making 80 growing cells in total)
  • Complete with trays, lids, water reservoirs and capillary matting
  • Reservoir holds up to week's supply of water
  • Capillary matting keeps soil in cells moist
  • No fear of over or under watering
  • Clear plastic lid helds retain heat and moisture during germination
  • Cells produce strong, healthy plug plants
  • Each tray measures 38cm x 25cm x 8.5cm H
  • Easily positioned on greenhouse staging or benching
  • Equally at home in a potting shed or on a windowsill or work surface
  • Resusable year after year
  • Cost effective addition to the greenhouse

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