700ltr Double Chamber ComposTumbler

2 Year Warranty!

The Double Chamber 700 Litre Compostumbler increases your composting output, by dividing the compost drum into 2 sections for an even faster turn around time
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Size: 1.68m H x 1.65m W x 1.02m D
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Sorry, this product is no longer available.

The 700 Litre Double Chamber ComposTumbler effectively operates as two separate drums to give you greater flexibility in your composting and push 350 litre batches through more quickly. Ideal for making and storing compost at the same time, the rodent-proof 700 Litre Double Chamber ComposTumbler requires some assembly as it is supplied flat packed; full assembly and operating instructions are included.

The Sifter Screen is an optional extra which can be put on instead of one of the compostumbler doors. This then acts as a seive when empyting the compost into a wheelbarrow. 

  • Holds up to 700 Litres of garden waste
  • Measures 65"/165cm Wide x 66"/168cm High x 40"/102cm deep
  • Drum is 32"/81cm off the ground
  • Drum is made from rust resistant galvanised steel
  • Frame is made from tubular steel with a black powder coated finish
  • Aerator/Drainage units on the door to prevent waterlogging
  • Screened vents in the end caps for good air circulation
  • Gear-driven handle for easy turning
  • Sifter Screen available as an optional extra
  • Brown colour finish
  • Finished compost in as little as 14 days in optimum conditions
  • 2 Year Warranty

Success with your ComposTumbler is almost guaranteed when you follow the easy tips and compost 'recipes' you'll find in the valuable guide - 'How to Make Superior Compost.' It's yours FREE with your ComposTumbler!

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FREE booklet with every purchase of a ComposTumbler

Designed to make your understanding of the process as easy as possible and will serve as a quick reference guide for every aspect of your compost making experience.

Compost in 14 Days!

The ComposTumbler uses a unique process to make great compost in 14 days.You can make compost in 3 easy steps with a ComposTumbler.

Collect Organic Waste
1. Just collect a variety of organic waste materials from your yard, property and garden. Put them in your ComposTumbler, close the door, and immediately give the drum 5 turns.
Turn Your Compost
2. Give the drum 5 turns every day, once a day, for the next 13 days.
Finished Compost in 14 days!
3. On the 14th day open the door and tumble out your finished compost.

Be sure the mix of ingredients you put in contains wastes high in nitrogen and carbon for a good balance.