Our garden watering and garden irrigation supplies includes water butts, automatic irrigation and self watering ideas for efficient plant watering.

Watering plants is a part of greenhouse and garden life and can be very time consuming, especially if you have a large or densely planted plot or garden. It’s also possible to cause more problems by slap dash garden watering and armed with our in-depth range of watering equipment for both the garden and greenhouse, we hope to help you avoid this.

Water butts with rain traps, linking kits and many other accessories kick off our water storage range; we’ve quality hosepipes to deliver the water where it’s most required and ground level soaker hose and micro irrigation kits to reach the most watering can-unfriendly (we’ve got them them too!) areas in the middle of beds and borders and deliver where it’s most required – to the soil.

Greenhouse plants are catered for too holiday watering kits, specially designed growbag watering systems and plenty of other watering devices to let you relax – the only thing we can’t provide is the rain!   

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Haws Watering Cans

Haws Watering Cans Haws Watering Cans are generally accepted as being the best watering cans you can buy and as Haws have been manufacturing watering cans since the 1880's it’s probably true.

We certainly don’t use ...Read More
Haws Watering Cans

Waterbutts & Accessories

Waterbutts & Accessories Our top quality Galvanised Steel Water Butt is a design influenced by the 18th century lead cisterns and still to be found in the gardens of many grand houses around the country today. Whereas the attractive 245 litre Cascata rain water butt ...Read More Waterbutts & Accessories

Hose Pipes & Accessories

Hose Pipes & Accessories Gardeners rely on hosepipes and accessories so it makes sense to invest in the best – and just as you’d expect, we’ve collected a range of quality products in our hose pipe range!

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Hose Pipes & Accessories

Garden Irrigation & Micro Irrigation

Garden Irrigation & Micro Irrigation Garden irrigation and micro irrigation kits may be small scale and practically invisible once installed but they certainly deliver big garden watering results. Ideal for dense borders and plant-packed vegetable patches, the slimline distribution and ...Read More Garden Irrigation & Micro Irrigation

Self-Watering & Automatic Watering

Self-Watering & Automatic Watering Self watering and automatic watering systems allow the gardener to enjoy a well-deserved holiday in total watering confidence, and with this collection of trustworthy gadgets – including digital water timers, growbag watering devices and ...Read More Self-Watering & Automatic Watering

Planter & Growbag Watering

Planter & Growbag Watering Planter and growbag watering is something all gardeners have to keep a very close eye on as both these growing containers are renowned for their ‘ability’ to rapidly dry out; your plants could be in the best of health one day but ...Read More Planter & Growbag Watering

Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse Watering Using suitable greenhouse watering equipment could be the difference between your plants growing strongly and producing a good harvest or not pulling through as greenhouse crops require more frequent watering than those outside in the ...Read More Greenhouse Watering
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