Original Flexible Soft Tie - 7mm thick

The multi-purpose Soft-Tie is made from a new and unique flexible plastic compound with a galvanised steel wire core, easy to bend, retains it's shape and is easy to reshape so it can be used time and again...More information

Pack Content: single item
Size: 7mm Diameter x 5m
Product Code: GDN-928
Delivery: £3.95 P&P
Price: £4.95
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The best selling Soft-Tie is a really innovative plant tie, with a soft plastic compound outer that is gentle on plant stems and a strong galvanised wire core making it easy to bend and shape into position. This clever plant tie is the thicker of the two versions available, 7mm in diameter supplied in 5m rolls - the thinner 3.5mm Soft Tie is also available in 8m rolls.

  • Original Soft Tie (7mm dia) is supplied on 5m rolls
  • Innovative plastic compound is gentle on plant stems
  • Strong galvanised steel wire core for easy bending and shaping
  • Re-usable
  • Thinner 3.5mm Soft-Tie also available

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The English GardenSpring 2014

Plant Ties On Trial

Do the twist - Slim Soft-Tie may be the answer to many gardening tasks. To tie off you simply twist the two ends together, so those who struggle to tie or untie knots will love this. At the core of the rubber cord is a piece of fine wire, which enables the twist to hold. It can be used to tie up electric cables into a neat loop rather than leave them in a jumble and to hang tools in the shed. Ideal for woody heavy plants and smaller finer stems, it comes on an 8m reel and can be easily cut with scissors. It's hard to fault with this product, as it doesn't rot and looks inconspicuous in the garden. You'll find lots of uses for it, so the 8m length will soon get used.

Garden AnswersFebruary 2014

Plant and tree Ties - kind to stems

Slim Soft-Tie - With an inner core of galvanised steel wire, soft-tie is strong yet has an outer rubber coating to cushion and protect stems. Easily cut with scissors or pliers and secured by twisting.

Number of Articles: 2
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