Lolly Maker Set

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Refresh the gardener, children or just treat yourself with a home-made ice lolly, thanks to our clever eight mould Lolly Maker Set...More information

Pack Content: single item
Size: 25cm L x 11cm W x 12cm D
Product Code: PRE-053
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Was:   £10.45 Now: £7.95
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Keep a batch of frozen treats stored in the freezer - all you need to do is choose what to fill them with: fruit, juice or even yogurt! The set of eight plastic moulds also comes complete with sixteen traditional wooden lolly sticks and the frame which measures 25cm L x 11cm W x 12cm D

  • Lolly Maker Set measures 25cm L x 11cm W x 12cm D
  • Consists of 8 plastic moulds, plastic rack and 16 traditional wooden lolly sticks
  • Ideal treat for children and family
  • Great for parties or entertaining
  • Make lollies from home-grown fruit, juice or even yogurt

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Why save lollies for the summer? Freezing your own fruit as lollies is a great way to get little ones excited about their five a day. With only two ingredients (2 punnets of fruit and 1 tbsp icing sugar will make 8 lollies) as shown on Hugh Fearnley's River Cottage on Channel 4 Oct 14th 2010 - his strawberry lolly recipe is one of the purest fruity fixes you'll find and this will work just as well with raspberries too!