Large Woodwick Scented Crackle Candles

These highly fragranced Large Woodwick Jar Crackle Candles feature a natural wooden wick which creates the relaxing sound of a crackling fire and each candle is made from a high quality soy wax blend for a slow, soot free burn.
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Pack Content: single item
Size: Large 22oz Candles
Price: From £24.95
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These Large 22oz Woodwick Candles are supplied in attractive glass jars with the candle top doubling up as a heat resistant mat. Each candle is made from a high quality blend of soy wax which produces a slow, soot free burn which lasts up to 180 hours.

The large Woodwick Jar candles are available in 2 scents - Linen and Exotic Spices Trilogy.

  • Linen - the comforting scent of clean laundry drying in a soft summer breeze.
  • Exotic Spices Trilogy - 3 layers - Cinnamon Chai a relaxing blend of spicy cinnamon and vanilla, Ground Cinnamon with the scent of ground warm cinnamon and Spiced Rum inviting and exotic

With the crackling sound of the natural wood wick and the high quality fragrances from these delightful Woodwick candles are very popular and would also make an ideal Christmas gift.

  • Large 22oz Woodwick Jar Crackle Candles
  • Natural wooden wick crackles like an open fire
  • Glass jar with lid that doubles up as heat resistant mat
  • Available in 2 scents - Linen and Exotic Spices Trilogy
  • Linen - scent of clean laundry in a soft summer breeze
  • Exotic Spices Trilogy - 3 layered candle - Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon and Spiced Rum
  • High quality Soy Wax Blend for a slow, soot free burn
  • Burn time up to 180 hours
  • Perfect Christmas gifts

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