Garden Netting & Protection

Netting, Pest control and protection products to protect fruit, vegetables, herbs or flowers against pests, insects and the weather - all safe and organic.


The organic pest control measures, along with natural beneficial insect habitats we have built up should give you a fighting chance of protecting your valuable fruit, flowers and vegetables from the army of garden pests out there.

As gardeners ourselves, we are only too aware of the delicate eco-system which exists in the garden and our responsibility to protect this essential infrastructure - and that's why we feel it's worth stressing that ALL our pest control products are organic, perfectly safe to use around children, pets and wildlife and kind to the environment.

Plant protection gets more than a look in too with various forms of plant protection, all designed to protect your valuable crops from everything pests and the weather can throw at them. You'll find our range includes cloches to extend the growing season and warm the soil pre-planting, protection for ponds as well as plants and a myriad of clips, pegs and ties to keep your fortifications in place.


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