CATWatch - Cat Pest Deterrent

A Scientifically Proven Cat Deterrent that REALLY WORKS!

The CATWatch Ultrasonic Cat Repeller is easy to use, economic to run, works in most weather conditions and will cover an area up to 125sq metres
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Made in the UK FlagMade in the UK and the only cat deterrent tested and recommended by the RSPB, CATWatch is harmless to cats emitting an ultrasonic frequency inaudible to humans and not found to affect other animals.

Protecting up to twice the area of other cat deterrents (up to 125sq metres) and complete with a 2 year warranty, the CATWatch is a top of the range cat deterrent scientifically proven to reduce the number and duration of cat visits. 

The CATWatch can be powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery (we suggest duracell) or a mains adapter which is available separately (GPC-058 - Select from drop down list above) and is up to 30% more powerful than using a battery. Costing only £2-3 per year to run (with the mains adapter) makes it far more cost effective than chemical treatments or netting. It also has a self testing diagnostic system continually checking the unit for correct operation, as we can not hear it this ensures it is still working correctly. 

The main reason that CATWatch has proved so popular is that IT WORKS!

  • Protects area up to 125sq metres
  • Tested & Recommended by RSPB
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in UK
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Not found to affect other animals
  • Battery or Mains Adapter (available separately - GPC-058)
  • Mains Adapter has 10m cable
  • 30% louder off mains
  • The longer the CatWatch is used the more effective it becomes
  • Light continually flashes when battery is low
  • Handy Hints included to prolong life

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I'm on three and counting! By Anonymous 5 2nd February 2017

Every one of these I've deployed has successfully kept 99% of cats out of the area they cover - there's one new cat that might be deaf that's causing me a few issues recently but otherwise cannot be faulted. My only suggestion for new owners is that not only should one follow all the additional tips if one has time and resources, but a bit of Blu-Tak or similar in the hole for the AC adaptor cable does wonders for keeping the damp out.

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CATwatch - it works ! By Diane HUNTINGFORD 5 11th August 2015

A cat ventured half way across my garden the first day and since that time the local cat populations has not been seen. Delighted: I have put my collecting trowel away.

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Absolutely brilliant! By Anonymous 5 5th May 2014

Being the only front lawn on my road, cats were always doing their business right under my nose. However, since setting this up 3 weeks ago, not a single piece of poop has appeared!!

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The ONLY Cat Deterrent tested and recommended by the RSPB!

Following the largest study of its kind ever undertaken in the UK, CATWatch is now the only cat deterrent, scientifically tested and recommended by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

What are the first questions likely to be when you consider buying an electronic cat deterrent?

Does it work? Can you prove it?

Well the answer to these questions is YES!!

CATWatch, the UK's leading cat deterrent, has successfully completed a two-year scientific trial conducted by the RSPB to determine its deterrent effect on cats in residential gardens. The results are published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science Journal after peer review.

And the results? IT WORKS!!

The research concluded that CATWatch reduces cat intrusions into gardens. The longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is.

For more information download the RSPB Test Paper.